Foster Adaptor

Secure MJ Restraint

Foster Adaptor Highlights

Ultra-compact MJ restraint. This simple, light-weight restraint saves critical space, and its bolt-through design means top security with half the bolts to connect. The Foster Adaptor takes the place of two lug-bolt type products.

Product Benefits

  • No pipe to saw
  • Space saving and light-weight
  • No possibility of pipe damage since no pipe connection is necessary
  • Secure bolt-through design makes for laborsaving, easy and fast installation
  • Made in U.S.A., ductile iron 3 to 24-inch: 350psi rating, 30 to 36-inch: 250psi rating
  • Up to four times fewer bolts to tighten
  • Comes complete with all accessories
  • Close-coupled connections allow you to pre-assemble valves and fittings, then transport to the job site
  • Less chance for leakage. Two MJ’s are connected using one accessory kit rather than the standard two

Product Information

Choose asphalt or epoxy coatings on sizes 3 to 12-inch sizes. Epoxy coating is standard on sizes 14 to 36-inch.

Standard cor-ten accessories are included. Optional accessory paks include Teflon® blue, 304 and 316 stainless. Long-bolt accessory paks are available for C110 full-body fittings and certain butterfly valves with thicker bolt flanges.

Approximate installed draw-up lengths:

  • 3 to 12-inch = 1-inch
  • 14 to 24-inch = 2-inches
  • 30 to 36-inch = 3-inches