Flex T-2 / Flex T-3

Direct-to-Tee valve and fitting restraint

Flex T-2 and Flex T-3 Benefits

The Flex T-2 / T-3 offers you faster installation, a lighter-weight assembly, ultra-compact hook up, and less chance for leaks. No need to install extra couplings or adapters between valves and the flex tee.

Heavy duty casting glands are up to one half times thicker. Glands rotate to match up to bolt holes, and MJ glands deflect back and forth, making it easier to align to valves or fittings. Integral casting, no welds and uses standard bolts and gaskets.

6-inch and 8-inch MJ x MJ, 6-inch MJ x Flange, 6-inch Flange x Flange

flex t-2