Foster Adaptor

foster adaptor

Ultra-compact MJ restraint. This simple, light-weight restraint saves critical space, and its bolt-through design means enhanced restraint with half the bolts to connect. OneFoster Adaptor takes the place of two lug-bolt type products.

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Flex T-2

flex t-2

restraint (2-way). Restrain two MJ or flange valves or fittings on the T-2, with no need for additional
couplings, adapters, or pipe sawing.
Uses standard
gaskets and

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Flex T-3

flex t-3

restraint (3-way). Restrain three MJ or flange valves or fittings on the T-3. Choose MJ or flange glands on any side of the tee. Reduce
your chance for
leaks, while saving time, labor, and hassle.

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Flex Adaptor / Reducer

flex adaptor reducer

The Flex Adaptor
is a restraint coupling with spinning, deflecting,
heavy-duty machined glands that make it easy to restrain hydrants, valves, or other MJ or flange fittings —
with no need to saw pipe.

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Mud Plugs

mud plugs

This simple push-in, pull-out valve box debris plug makes it easy to keep valve boxes clean. Infact Mud Plugs are so inexpensive you can install them in every valve box. Clean your valve boxes one last time — install Infact Mud Plugs.

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Try our waterproof meter box and vault insulation, and you will see why Infact is the largest waterworks insulation company in America. Circular insulation pads up to 42-inches, and rectangular
insulation up to 44×100-inches.

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